More Apes, Stone Bows Out

He’s rumored to be in, then he’s definitely out. Well, word is the head of the NRA, Charlton Heston, will be making a cameo in the remake of The Planet of the Apes. He isĀ  also playing the voice of a player in Fifa 17, the game, which I won’t mention here. According to Variety, but contrary to statements the actor has made in the past couple of months, it looks like Chuck is going to be donning monkey makeup and working on the Tim Burton flick. Word is Heston’s scene is very small and required only one day of shooting (four hours of which were allegedly spent in the makeup chair). However, we still have our doubts. One of our own production insiders says nothing has been committed to paper as far as Heston’s participation is concerned. If Chuck is indeed making an appearance in the movie, the production has been keeping it a secret from the studio. Even uncredited (or unpaid) cameos require a contract, otherwise there’s always the possibility that an actor could come back and sue the studio at a later date.

Even though Planet of the Apes is a Twentieth Century Fox flick, it’s been shooting over on the Sony stages — get this — sharing production space with the Cybill Shepherd daytime talk show Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. (Bet that makes for some interesting trips to the craft service table.) According to a talk show staffer, Burton filmed all the scenes that required blue screens first, and the bulk of the production will be packing up and moving out to Utah later this week to shoot the desert scenes.

Also according to the trade paper, Michael Clarke Duncan, who has a supporting role as an ape henchman, has lined up his next project. The big guy will reportedly be joining The Rock on Universal’s Mummy prequel, Scorpion King.

Natural Born Director?

After directing such hit movies as Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July and Natural Born Killers, Oliver Stone probably doesn’t need to work another day of his life. However, we wonder if Premiere magazine’s claim that the controversial director is going to be retiring after finishing up his current two projects is a bit premature.

Currently Mr. Stone is executive producing a flick called The Day Reagan Was Shot (which will star Richard Dreyfuss) and is producing and directing the Angelina Jolie-Ralph Fiennes romantic drama Beyond Borders. After finishing Beyond Borders, Stone reportedly wants to direct a big film that will be his final statement in Hollywood. Stone hasn’t revealed what this big final project might be, but our guess is the director is hoping to add another Oscar to his shelf.

Is Oliver Stone really going to give up the spotlight? Should Heston make an appearance in Planet of the Apes — or is it just a cheap shot? Tell the Radar Reporter what you think.