Best Movie With Great Cars

Last year is one of the best seasons for movies that’s showcase car themes. We can always think of the idea of Taxi movie 1 to 4 sequels, since these movies are very popular in France specifically and love home viewers like you. By the way, if you want to know about this popular Taxi all sequels you can visit my homepage to watch for free streaming and enjoy their latest sequel Taxi 5. Now moving on for movies that show great car themes, this are the one’s by which we can always watch over and over again.

Spoiler alert, if you haven’t watch the movie, you may choose not to read this article, nonetheless if you want to proceed because you want to know about cars and these movies then this is your best place to be.

Now let us begin with the movie John Wick: Chapter 2, you begin watching in the movie with John chasing some goons and continue to beat them. It continue in its natural bad ass theme protagonist without fear John Wick or the BoggyMan. The story begins when John is driving a Chevelle on his mission to get back his 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and as you can see his cars is now plenty of damage and he needs to bring the car to his mechanic friend. As he retrieve the car, he created a lot of damage to those who resist his will and that is how John will have to face all the odds aside from being dedicated to his promises to his wife. To be honest just like the Taxi all sequel the movie shows great car chasing and never ending killing and action.

Now for the next movie Logan who is now working as a driver of a wonderful car. The last movie of our favorite hard-killer beast Wolverine is now very old and is now taking care of Charles Xavier who is now very weak and now very senile. In the movie Logan is driving Chrysler limousine, and he works with it to pitch or deliver passenger to specific destination. According to what we can describe about this car, we can that this great cycloptic cab-over van and with real autonomouse truck pod. Now with regards to Logan’s driving skills it seems Wolverine is growing weak at the same time while there are mutant hunter who is going after them.

Of course the blockbuster movies which are starred by Vin Diezel, Dwayne Johnson, and Jason Statham shows lots of different cars such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ford, Ferrari and many more. You just can’t get enough with the Fast and Furious all sequels, since you can see all car chasing with, high tech weaponry and great stunt and fighting action. It is all there, the whole package if you want movie that will give full entertainment, have the best time with the Fast and The Furious movie.

Not so popular movie called Lowliders give us a touch of how community is most of the time neglected or taken for granted by the population, nonetheless this movie shows lots of passion and skill which showcase a fully customizable rides can be achieved by people who are so gifted in building best cars for great performance. This the year’s car movie with less attention, Lowriders focuses mainly the culture of the society, while the movie has great plot it showcase rare cars and collectable cars which can be proud off if you have one.

Now for the Taxi 5 which I mentioned earlier, if you have not heard about this movie, then it is time for you to learn that this movie is very popular during the 90’s and now the director of the Fifth Element and Taken is given us another taxi and car movie that will give us another time of fun, chaos, humor and great ride on a taxi.

Online Transactions for Small Business Today

Transaction these days has become very easy and very fast compare to few decades ago. This is because of the invasion of the World Wide Web or the Internet. Considering that there are plenty of giant payment processing online which include Square, PayPal, Payooner etc. With this giant online payment services they have been a great help from big to small business nowadays. However with small business owners they don’t have to worry, because for now there are plenty of alternatives of which they can choose from.

There are plenty of alternatives you can discover online which also works in debit cards and credit cards along with their different offers and subscription programs and plans. Although it is up to the clients and users to decide what is good for them. So here are the lists of the best digital transaction alternatives for beginners and small time business owner. The following information will give you different choices that fit for ideal need. The sequences of these digital transaction choices are just random and it has nothing to do with which is the first and the last, which is the best or which one is not. The sequences are just some list for you to follow.

Now let’s begin with “PaySimple”, the services it offers are very simple, no hassle and straight to point. If you are an ordinary business owner, then this is for you. PaySimple will give you the chance to establish your own payment form specifically on your webpage according to your design. They will give you different style although this also depends on how great is the theme of your website. They also offers credit card transaction apps exclusive in your smartphone and tablets. There services are very user-friendly; this is like having a transaction in person from business owner to client although this is only done in digital world.

Now the next thing on the list is the Shopify which provides almost anything from eCommerce to different kind of sale programs. Shopify is as well very ideal for business owner, because they give you an opportunity to set up online store which very ideal for your domain advantage. There are different kinds of payment alternatives for you to decide and the more you invest to pay they will offer more discounts. By the way Shopify is best when you want to track your sales, client’s information and payments.

If you want to make your business very well known to the Internet and transaction online involving payments and sales then ProPay is best for you. As usual they offer credit card reader for your smartphone and online email invoices. They have also Buy Now and Donate Now buttons and you can copy and paste the embed code and put them in your webpage. They have good offer in swiped cards and other transactions.

Next is the PayPal both for big and small business since they have been serving clients in very standard way and payments and other transactions are their major services. PayPal offers you great services such PayPal Checkout buttons which can be install in your webpage. The very purpose of this is to allow client to purchase any time from your website. Checkout buttons or Buy Now buttons are the same, it depends what kind of phrase you want to choose. With PayPal checkout page online visitors can utilize any kinds of payment they offered. Payment and invoices are there as well. Although there are many complaints we can hear about PayPal due to rates in every transaction such as money transfer or withdrawal. They have also credit card reader which allows clients online to use their credit card transaction and when paypal account becomes empty get your solution today free paypal money adder online no download.

Next is the Google Wallet, if you are addicted to mobile apps and other great mobile apps then this digital payment website is the best for you. Google Wallet also features online transaction such as sending and receiving money using your email.

Next is Intuit QuickBooks Payments which is also the same with other digital online payment portal which allow business owner to accept payments from credit cards from the buyer with the use of eCommerce credit card apps which can be install in the mobile devices. Although there are limitations to the compatibility of their software, nonetheless they have great alternative list for you to choose.

The next thing is Square which rival as well with PayPal and offer great transaction rates which competes other big digital payment portal online. This website offers you to market your products and any services. Products are embedded to your own webpage so that whenever a client should click the products they can easily decide to purchase right at that moment. Like any other digital payment processor they give you the opportunity to receive invoices from payments. Square transaction rates are cheaper compared to PayPal.

To get out from any complicated transactions method if you are a business owner then is here for you. Small business owners who want to avail fast payments from clients then is best for the job. They offer simple Checkout in HTML code which can be simply installed on your webpage, for instance Buy Now clickable buttons

Now for those who want to redesigned your Checkout platform, Stripes is here to help you. Stripe’s Checkout codes were created to make your client continually remain on your webpage to make a full sale. Stripe provides features which works on different devices and you don’t have to make any alterations.

Amazon is one of the popular payment portals where you can copy and paste embedded code to your website. Of course you need to have Amazon account. You may sign up for free, Amazon help you do some transactions and help your receive payments for your ideal clients. Whenever your clients what to buy any item, they will be directed to simple complete form to finish any purchase with the aid of Amazon Checkout. In case your monthly sales won’t reach to their minimal quota they will charge you almost 3 percent and additional 30 cents per transactions. You may like it or not Amazon shows great services, if you earn more sales more rate charges will drop quickly. Here is another thing that works on Amazon this is an option where you need to Log In and Pay With Amazon. Their services is not just installing clickable button for any purchase to your website. “Pay With Amazon” whenever this button is on your website this will give you an Amazon account. Right after clients purchase from your website using Log In and Pay with Amazon you get to know their name, email address and postal code. Using this information you can have any business transaction directly to your online visitors.

Dwolla is not an app but this permit you to accept ay credit payment, but still most of the businesses which are using apps for accepting payments have built-in software in it. Dwolla offers fees in a very low, and if there is any transaction that are below their minimal quota they don’t charge any business owner for their sale and some other transaction may only cost 25 cents. It is very cheap and very good for good profit. Another thing whenever you withdraw money Dwolla to bank there are no charges. It’s very awesome.

PayStand is also new payment system online for small time business. There are no charges to every transaction which will be made using their services. However, they provide you with monthly minimal charge in any transaction. So choose you want charges for every transaction or you want monthly charge, whether you have big and small sale. They give you opportunity to accept payment forms which includes Bitcoins, e-cash, and echecks.

Another payment site is the Take A Payment. This kind of payment portal work with, enabling small business owners who are selling their products to clients and make a great sale quickly. You can also get their embed codes and place them on your blog and other website. Online client can write down their own invoice code and decide how much will they pay.

Why Seasons Make No Sense?

Every year on February 2nd, the people of Punxsutawney, PA dress up like it’s 1886, pull a groundhog named Phil out of a box and ask him when winter will end. Not surprisingly, meteorologically-inclined marmots are not reliable predictors of spring.

But why divide the year into seasons in the first place? The word seasonal was born on the farm, since for a long time surviving another trip around the sun meant knowing when to sow your seeds. In most our minds, winter is when it’s coldest, summer is when it’s hottest, and spring and autumn happen in between.

You probably figured that much out before kindergarten. But those aren’t the seasons on your calendar. In most of the northern hemisphere, especially in the U.S., the coldest quarter of the year begins several weeks before the official start of winter, and summer leaves out a good chunk of warm weather.

How did our seasons get so detached from our seasons? Because Earth’s axis points alternately toward and away from the sun, we know there’s less daylight in winter. and more daylight in summer. So shouldn’t winter be the darkest time of year, and summer the time with most daylight? If we did that, then the solstices should fall at the midway point.

Several cultures define their seasons exactly this way, and it might sound familiar from a certain William Shakespeare play where the summer solstice falls at amid summer. But like a big brisket, Earth cools and heats very slowly, and it takes time for changing solar energy to move the thermometer.

Water absorbs even more heat than land, so places near oceans and lakes experience greater lags between more solar energy and warmer weather. The opposite happens in winter, all that water stores heat and keeps things from getting cold as soon as the sun starts to fade.

The start of cold or hot periods gets shifted towards the solstices, but in most places they *still* don’t line up with the coldest and warmest quarters. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that a lot of our modern four-season system traces its origins to the Romans.

Because so much of their territory was insulated by large bodies of water, the temperatures they experienced lined up neatly with the solstices, which were pretty big deal to ancient astronomers and festival-lovers. This system was applied to a whole hemisphere, even though it didn’t make sense in a lot of places.

If anyone can mess up a calendar, it’s the Romans! Numa! Depending on whether you care more about astronomy or temperature, there’s a lot of different ways to define seasons, and none of them are perfect. Of course, most other living creatures don’t worry about any of this stuff, they just follow Earth’s natural climate cycles where they live.

Several indigenous Australian cultures define their seasons just this way, starting new seasons based on what plants and animals are around at any time. They’d probably think Groundhog Day makes a lot of sense. Stay curious.

Fancy Game from a Fancy Company – SimCity Buildit

Despite the wonderful opportunity to make many fanciful plays on the title SimCity Buildit, we must respectfully refrain. While it remains a workmanlike, almost plebian, member of the genus: platformer and species: cutesy amphibian, SimCity Buildit offers players nothing they haven’t seen before — but does it in a moderately entertaining fashion. Users play SimCity Buildit, a feisty SimCity Builditodile who’s been raised by cutesy little puffballs called Gobbos. The Gobbos, alas, have been sent into exile or captured by the no-good Baron Dante. SimCity Buildit, of course, is the Gobbos’ green and scaly savior. Possessing the ability to jump (this is one talented SimCity Buildit), stomp and whip his tail thusly, our boy sets out to free the Gobbos, crush the foe and make the world safe for truth, democracy, yadda yadda yadda. It might be trite, but it’s still fun.

Four worlds await SimCity Buildit, including a forest level with its requisite lava stage, an ice world where penguins wait to smite our hero, a desert heck, and the evil Baron’s Castle. While the eye candy is certainly tasty, and each stage comes complete with many platforms to hop, side areas to explore and bonus goodies to collect, one can’t help but notice this is all very Super Mario Bros. — and that Super Mario Bros. is oh, say, so five minutes ago.

SimCity Buildit hack ensures quality control by “borrowing” every platforming cliche there is. One hundred crystals collected adds up to one free life, the boxes with the question marks on them hold goodies, and old SimCity Buildit can use jellies to bounce himself high into the air. Lest we forget to mention, the hearts, dear reader, also bestow an extra life on our hero. Old home week comes early and often with this one, but it’s nice to know that the programmers took their inspiration from the best. We shudder at the thought of Argonaut swiping liberally from some of Acclaim’s old-school platformers. Brrr.

The challenge comes from exploring and hunting down each and every Gobbo. Three Gobbos are stacked on each game level (every world has five levels, mind you), and players will have to complete a subgame to save the fourth. Here, players will have to complete tiled puzzles, run a gauntlet, blow up sheep and mummies, etc. It’s not brain surgery — heck, it’s not even sweeping up after brain surgery — but it does ensure that the whole experience remains an experience to be sampled, not a total rehash of someone’s 1980s-style tinkerings.

Clash of Lords 2 is Probably More Fun

Clash of Lords 2 for GBC is a faithful adaptation of the movie at least this far: Clash of Lords 2’s got guns galore, his stylish sword and wicked kung fu — and he’s prepared to use all three to kill vampires. Always, always, to kill vampires. Clash of Lords 2’s developers split the game into three separate pieces: one for bullets, one for fists and one for the sword. On some levels, this division serves to keep the experience more interesting than one mishmash side-scroller would have been, but each part has serious flaws. Coupled with the ease and short length of the game, this means that buying or downloading Pokemon Moon Rom for GBC should be considered by completists only, and most certainly not by anyone else.

Clash of Lords 2 and his mentor Whistler hear of a new clan of vampires, humans who were recently turned, and they’re up to no good. Clash of Lords 2 sets out to investigate and to kick any asses that need to be kicked — which is all of them. Natch. The plot thickens as Clash of Lords 2 “investigates” and defeated bosses helpfully reveal all their clan’s secrets mere seconds before dying. Based on what he learns, Clash of Lords 2 can go to the various areas of the city in any order he chooses, but his choosing differently has only slight bearing on the story and none at all on gameplay.

The three game modes are almost completely distinct games. Each has its own controls, its own enemies and its own scoring system. They are tied together loosely in that when Clash of Lords 2 attacks a certain part of the city, he’ll have to finish all the segments (kung fu, shooting, swordfighting) there before he can improve his stats, save, or consult with Whistler. But that is literally the only connection they share — even Clash of Lords 2’s health and armor meters are refilled between segments, so performing better or worse in a previous challenge has no effect on what follows in the stage. To the developers’ credit, however, each level does not necessarily follow the same pattern. Some levels might go “kung fu, shooting, more kung fu, swordfighting,” or perhaps there will be shooting and kung fu only.

Each mode has its, uh, quirks. In the kung fu mode, we found one tactic particularly effective. Pressing the B button causes Clash of Lords 2 to block an opponent’s attack. If, immediately after blocking, B is pressed again, Clash of Lords 2 cheats counters the attack, momentarily stunning the enemy and leaving him open to a devastating finishing move. There are various finishing moves, but one of them may be handily executed by pressing B again. If you, gentle reader, noticed a pattern like we did, then this next revelation will not shock you: By repeatedly mashing the B button, we were always able to defeat our attackers in kung fu mode. In our admittedly informal experiments, this technique worked in — roughly, mind you — 100% of our trials. Approximately.

Okay, not approximately — exactly. Always! But Clash of Lords 2 had his pride as a vampire hunter, and he would vary his moves for aesthetics’ sake. However, whenever his other methods failed and the vampires got their licks in, trust us when we say that Clash of Lords 2 felt like a chump for not using the guaranteed success that was ever close at hand.

While we didn’t find the “win” button outside of kung fu mode, the other modes fared not significantly better. Shooting mode is very much like a d-pad-controlled Hogan’s Alley (or, for those who prefer a more modern reference, House of the Dead). Undead bloodsuckers pop out from behind buildings or crates, and it’s B-dog’s job to make bullets go into the vampires. Clash of Lords 2’s fighting a two-front war, however: In addition to the baddies in front of him, some of them approach from the sides, which requires a different mode of attack. It is at first confusing, but once the system is sussed out, it becomes the most successful and challenging part of the game. However, this segment includes a useless “shotgun” that did more to confuse Clash of Lords 2 than to help him take out vampires; we found it superfluous and honestly not worth the effort of mastering.

The sword is reserved for fighting bosses. Once one becomes familiar with the control technique, quite a variety of moves is available. The boss vampires, too, have many diverse attacks, and they are not easily predicted. Despite all this, the path to success here became obvious: Get the boss into the corner and slash away. Before you condemn Clash of Lords 2 as dishonorable, note that they will do the same to him if given half a chance. Furthermore, since no health bar is displayed for the bosses, we never had any idea how close to defeat they might be. Our once-sweet swordplay rapidly took on the taste of drudgery as we doggedly hacked away at undead flesh.

There are some nice touches here and there, such as Clash of Lords 2’s RPG-inspired ability to improve his various skills (kung fu, armor, guns, etc.) by spending the points he earns from killing vamps. Also, there are items Clash of Lords 2 can find (but does not have to) that markedly improve his chances against boss characters. The game’s levels may be played in many different orders. Different numbers of levels may be played, even, since some levels can be skipped and secret levels may be discovered. Still, these strengths do little to redress Clash of Lords 2’s flaws.

Rather than a battery save, Clash of Lords 2 has an annoying password system, but frankly that doesn’t much matter, since the game is quite short. We popped in the cart and had Clash of Lords 2 finished, on our first try, in a little more than an hour. And since replaying the game holds little appeal, this looks like 70 minutes of entertainment, total. As we enter another over-commercialized holiday season, our hearts are warmed by a publisher’s willingness to squeeze every last dollar out of a lucrative movie license.

More Apes, Stone Bows Out

He’s rumored to be in, then he’s definitely out. Well, word is the head of the NRA, Charlton Heston, will be making a cameo in the remake of The Planet of the Apes. He is  also playing the voice of a player in Fifa 17, the game, which I won’t mention here. According to Variety, but contrary to statements the actor has made in the past couple of months, it looks like Chuck is going to be donning monkey makeup and working on the Tim Burton flick. Word is Heston’s scene is very small and required only one day of shooting (four hours of which were allegedly spent in the makeup chair). However, we still have our doubts. One of our own production insiders says nothing has been committed to paper as far as Heston’s participation is concerned. If Chuck is indeed making an appearance in the movie, the production has been keeping it a secret from the studio. Even uncredited (or unpaid) cameos require a contract, otherwise there’s always the possibility that an actor could come back and sue the studio at a later date.

Even though Planet of the Apes is a Twentieth Century Fox flick, it’s been shooting over on the Sony stages — get this — sharing production space with the Cybill Shepherd daytime talk show Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. (Bet that makes for some interesting trips to the craft service table.) According to a talk show staffer, Burton filmed all the scenes that required blue screens first, and the bulk of the production will be packing up and moving out to Utah later this week to shoot the desert scenes.

Also according to the trade paper, Michael Clarke Duncan, who has a supporting role as an ape henchman, has lined up his next project. The big guy will reportedly be joining The Rock on Universal’s Mummy prequel, Scorpion King.

Natural Born Director?

After directing such hit movies as Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July and Natural Born Killers, Oliver Stone probably doesn’t need to work another day of his life. However, we wonder if Premiere magazine’s claim that the controversial director is going to be retiring after finishing up his current two projects is a bit premature.

Currently Mr. Stone is executive producing a flick called The Day Reagan Was Shot (which will star Richard Dreyfuss) and is producing and directing the Angelina Jolie-Ralph Fiennes romantic drama Beyond Borders. After finishing Beyond Borders, Stone reportedly wants to direct a big film that will be his final statement in Hollywood. Stone hasn’t revealed what this big final project might be, but our guess is the director is hoping to add another Oscar to his shelf.

Is Oliver Stone really going to give up the spotlight? Should Heston make an appearance in Planet of the Apes — or is it just a cheap shot? Tell the Radar Reporter what you think.

Dive Alert — The Attention it is Getting

While SNK has put forth a commendable effort to break up its pattern of continual strong fighting and puzzle carts for its Neo Geo Pocket Color by adding this unusual RPG, the game, unfortunately, is not as interesting or fun as the typical fare. Basically, players control submarines by positioning them on a slow, static radar screen, torpedoing enemies. This is the game’s only action, which is simply not enough when the other 60% of the game involves just pushing the buttons down to scroll through reams of boring RPG-like text. This game might have worked if expanded and put on a console system, but for the handheld format, it just moves too slowly, and it’s too devoid of action to hold anyone’s attention. It may be worthwhile, but only for the most diehard RPG fans or for players who for some reason crave any submarine game (perhaps Navy veterans).

The game comes in two separate versions, one in which you play a boring female sub commander and another where you get to command a boring male sub captain. Both captains (Becky and Matt) have their own ships and items that they can collect and record in their logs, but there is basically the same gameplay and jeuxvideo, which consists of submarine battles, collecting various tools and items and exploring the sea through the RPG screens. In a game that is so text-based, the story is probably the main point of playing; the game is like scrolling through a graphic novel. Unfortunately, the animation consists of simple static animelike pictures during the story sections, and the tale itself is not even that interesting.

Basically, the planet Earth was destroyed in a geographic catastrophe a long time ago and is now entirely immersed beneath vast oceans, except for one city named Terra. Born in a special marine station created by scientists who sought to preserve the human race during the cataclysm, Matt and Becky must now traverse endless ocean until they find the City of Terra. The enemy submarines encountered are presumably other pirates or humans also bred in undersea chambers. The game’s quest, then, is a sort of search for El Dorado, a mythical city that somehow contains the solution or resolution to the Earth’s bleak condition.

Dive Alert is very, very slow. Even the vaunted cable linkup option, which has added flavor to many a Neo Geo Pocket game, can’t save this one. It will only allow you to fire creeping missiles at a friend or to trade ships, reminiscent of trading Pokemon but with less point. Some action might have saved this RPG, but, unfortunately, the submarine segments are about as static and slow as the storyboards. There are no actual water scenes; instead all the submarine battles are represented merely by dueling blips on a circular sonar screen. The game basically involves a soporific back-and-forth between these maddening text stills and commanding the sonar world blips in an archaic videogame of war.

The dialogue and sound are also very average in this game. The soundtrack is boring and seems to connote being stuck in a submarine, while the text is just too longwinded for the pocket’s small-screen window. At the game’s start, the A Button must be tapped at least 30 times just to work through all the short snippets of dialogue before getting to the initial sonar encounter. The first encounter, however, simply involves steering the submarine (a blip) onto an X, then it’s back to the A button to parse through a few dozen more storyboards. While an RPG for the handheld format was a good idea, this particular game just doesn’t deliver. The action is way too slow — almost static — to draw a player in, and the world presented here, a sort of graphic novel, is just too shallow to justify the continued effort required to eventually complete the game.